Wiki Quest - Guided Session

This is a guided session for exploring the wiki. It is also a two-hour module in RAET's accredited Aboriginal Pedagogies Course.

Follow the links in the instructions below and paste or type your responses into a word document:

  1. Find different ways of saying or describing each of the 8 Aboriginal pedagogies here, here, here and here.
  2. On the FAQ page, choose the three most important Questions from the list and match them with the best answer from the response section.|
  3. Find at least three protocols that you can engage with during this activity.|
  4. Go to this page and find the list of questions there. Record the ones that you don't know about your Aboriginal students.
  5. Go to this page and identify the Quality Teaching elements that align with the 8ways. Make a list matching those elements with each of the 8ways.
  6. What is the secret of this school's success?
  7. Find the definition of non-linear pedagogy on this page.
  8. Find the meaning of the diagonal lines on the 8ways diagram.
  9. Find the diagram of an Aboriginal reasoning process and consider how you might apply it in your work. (Post discussion question if you can't make sense of it.)
  10. Find out how to embed Aunty Doris Ways of RESPECT in your practice.
  11. Identify the best ways to learn 8ways through the Quality Teaching process.
  12. Copy the individual 8ways symbols at the bottom of this page and past them throughout the document you have made
    during this session, indicating where you have encountered each of the 8 pedagogies.
  13. Send your completed document to the Facilitator who conducted the training . Thank you!

You are allowed to skip up to four of the questions, leaving you with an average of 4 to 5 minutes for each.