Victoria University Master of Teaching Students

As part of our Master of Teaching studies at Victoria University in Footscray, Victoria (in Boonwurrung country), a group of students investigated the 8 ways and presented a 30 minute lesson using the 8 ways to their classmates. We were simulating teaching Pythagorean theorem to a year 9 class.

Below is a lesson plan outline our lesson, including the story that we used to frame the lesson:
Pythagorean theorem.docx

nd here is a learning map we made and used to revise the lesson at the end:

Learning map.jpg

Afterwards, many of the students expressed that they had never enjoyed doing maths so much before, and that it was the first time that they had really 'got' Pythagorean theorem, having never really understood it in their schooling.

One of the students also touched on 8 ways in a short paper he wrote for another subject:

Is the educational gap between indigenous and other Australians a sociological or educational problem.doc

We would like to thank everyone here for sharing the 8 ways. They have given us a new perspective on teaching which we carry with us into our teaching careers. We hope that we've 'got' it.