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8 Ways Lesson - Passing On Stories (Posted by South West Sydney Teacher)
My name is Ed Storey from Campbelltown East Public School. My following page took place over a series of art, writing, speaking and listening lessons. The aim was to show my Kinder class how a personal symbol or image can pass on a whole story about the topic. Our chosen topic was about our family and where we came from, for which we created texts without any writing shown on the images. This was also used to demonstrate how information and stories could be passed down through the years and generations.

Below are the different areas of the 8ways which were used:


Symbols and Images

- We discussed traditional ways of painting and leaving stories.

- We discussed things that could be used instead of paintbrushes and paint from a bottle such as sticks, leaves, rocks crushed up etc.

- We painted around our hands on black cardboard. This could be done on any surface.


Story Sharing

- Using our theme of descriptions this term we wrote in a literacy lesson a description of our family. This was done to help kinder students to discuss and get their ideas out.
- Using this description we will use the information to have a discussion with another student in the other kinder class to show them our picture (no name) to pass on our individual story.
- We will then swap with the other class and they will do the same.
- Idea is to show how a symbol or image can pass on a whole story without any writing. Over time this could be passed down through generations etc.


Non Verbal
- Using a symbol to pass on a message/story.
- We used the black cardboard and shared our symbol (handprint) with another student and passed our story on.

Ed Storey Campbelltown East Public School