Numeracy 2go

Getting 8 Ways up and going at Manilla is starting in the STLA classroom in Numeracy.

13th March, 2012
Children were told a story about a jar of M&Ms.......several people had made an attempt to count the M&Ms but had all got mixed up with their some others decided to the put the M&Ms into groups, but they made it a bit tricky.

  • for every red M&M there were 10 blue M&Ms
  • for every green M&M there were 5 orange M&Ms
  • for every 3 yellow M&Ms there were 10 brown M&Ms

The only information they made simple, was that there were 30 yellow M&Ms.

So the problem is that we want to eat the M&Ms, but we want to share them out equally by colour.
Before we can do that, we have to work out how many of each colour there are and how many there are altogether.

Because we want to be able to eat them - GERM FREE - we have decided to use coloured blocks to represent the M&Ms and then when we are finished, if we all end up with the same result - we are going to EAT them!!!!!
Oi, the M&Ms that is!!!

Watch this space for the next instalment