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8 Ways at Lithgow Public School
We've been introducing 8 Ways across the school this term. Many teachers really wanted to be using the 8 Ways, but were unsure of a starting point, or hesitant about remembering each way and how to connect it to their current learning and teaching activities, so we devised some support resources for the classroom and lesson planning.

LPS Classroom Resources
Now every classroom has the following poster and flashcards:

Print A3 and laminate.

Cut out the symbols, paste the information onto the back of the relevent symbol. Laminate.

We keep them in a snap lock bag pinned next to the classroom poster.

Use the flashcards with cues on the back to yarn about 8 Ways confidently with the class,

LPS Planning Resources
We met in stage groups to review the 8 Ways and yarn about how they relate to activities we already do everyday as teachers.

Then each class followed the 8way basics, start-up over a week. We used the images provided in that link and also other resources such as maps, compasses, photos and art to assist with the introductory activities.

During our 8 Ways Stage Meetings we also discussed how embedding the 8 Ways into our Unit Outlines would go a long way towards ensuring that Aborginal Processes (rather than just content) is occuring in our teaching and learning. We used the following 8 Ways Planning Document to cut and paste 8 Ways Symbols next to activities that match the process, and have commited to doing this with units of work each time we review them by:

  • Looking for activities that connect to one or several 8 Way(s)
  • Paste the symbol in so that when it comes to that activity it can be credited as an Aborginal teaching and learning process by linking to the relevent 8 Way(s)
  • Incorporate new activities in that unit for any of the 8 Ways that might not be included

Cut out the symbols and paste next to relevent activities in unit/lesson plans.